Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny w Szczecinie


The aim of the project is to develop the manufacturing technology of silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives (Si-PSA) for special applications. The preliminary research allowed to selected group of fillers to obtain Si-PSA characterized by specific properties - composites exhibit increased thermal resistance. The addition of silicas fillers such as halloysite or silica allows to obtain relatively high thermal resistance adhesive tapes.

New Si-PSA characterized by the thermal resistance could find many applications e.g.:

- thermo resistance Si-PSA in heavy industry and automotive industry as the connecting strips for operating at elevated temperature;

- in heat engineering – for covering installations and fireplaces;

- in thermal printing technology;

- aerospace bonding solar battery on board satellites and space stations

- household to attach elements exposed to elevated temperatures.

Innovative Si-PSA will be made on the basis of commercial silicone resin. The project is particularly focused on the physical modification of commercial silicone pressure-sensitive resin with cross-linking compounds, silicon fillers (including those modified according to one of the stages) and adhesion promoters. The effect of crosslinking temperature will be determined. The technology for obtaining self-adhesive products with increased thermal resistance will be developed.

Founded project objective will be achieved by:

(i) modification and characteristics of silicon fillers e.g. silica, halloysite

(ii) developing and obtaining new adhesive compositions based on silicone resins

(iii) characteristics of the resulting adhesives refering to the adhesives aplications

(iv) the pilot plant scale tests

(v) ready product variants – self-adhesive tapes with specified properties